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When static website was developed, haryana mba hr ruchika kinge was furious about the ‘gossip’, and got article writing work reduced

Though greedy haryana mba hr ruchika kinge is involved in massive FINANCIAL FRAUD, labor law violations on the hardworking single woman domain investor, ruchika is very greedy, arrogant and refuses to admit that she is wrong in any way
Usually people who cheat, commit fraud on others have to be ready to face the complaints of their victims, with vijay mallya, nirav modi being prime examples
Instead ruchika and her associates are harassing the victims like the domain investor, who she is cheating of Rs 10 lakh annually, when the domain investor complains, developing a static website, falsely calling the domain investor a gossip.
Additionally, the ruthless ruchika’s associates are also reducing the article writing work, to ‘punish’ the domain investor for gossiping