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Ruthless mba hr ruchika kinge involved in theft of retirement savings of hardworking single woman engineer

8 years later the strategy of the brahmin mhow monster ntro employee puneet and others to force the domain investor to agree to identity theft, steal her savings, is slowly exposed. To justify the identity theft, the domain investor was systematically criminally defamed, making up fake stories and not even allowed to defend herself by the cunning cruel mhow monster puneet, Then to falsely claim that his different girlfriends like nayanshree, ruchika were doing all the computer work for the website network and get lucrative R&AW jobs, the domain investor was terrorized to make payment to the different girlfriends for a few months.

While usually people are friendly, share information, these fraud writers refused to provide any kind of information, making the domain investor suspicious of their intentions. So after making payment for only a few months in 2011-2012, the domain investor stopped making the payment, since she found the behavior extremely fishy. The domain investor was under surveillance since 2010, and the surveillance was used to plan one of the most systematic document and savings theft while travelling

There was almost no money in the bags, only documents which were of no value to anyone. These are stolen by raw/cbi/.security agencies after making fake allegations without any proof against the single woman, to force her to agree to identity theft. The domain investor, engineer, had never imagined that her savings would be stolen, yet according to bank officials in mumbai, this is a fairly common practice. The security agency employees are keeping the stolen savings of private citizens in a bank locker

Along with the saving documents, the laptop of the domain investor was also stolen. A detective was hired to trace the savings and he indicated that the stolen savings and laptop were taken to delhi, indicating that ruchika may be involved in the theft