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Greedy SELFISH inhuman mba hr ruchika kinge refuses to reply after her boyfriends steal domain investor’s savings

One of the characteristics of fraud mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge is that she is extremely greedy and ungrateful. When the domain investor had money, she was responding very quickly, and she also requested work for her friend who was a CA and CS. The domain investor paid a large amount to the mba hr for writing work of poor quality, mainly because she was terrorized by ruchika’s powerful boyfriends, who put her under surveillance and used the latest mental torture techniques

Yet after the savings of the single women were stolen in 2012, the greedy mba hr ruchika showed her true colors that she is a very ungrateful greedy fraud. She refused to reply to the single woman who was looking for help to trace the savings, indicating that she and her associates were involved in the theft of the savings. This is one of the reasons why the domain investor does not hire anyone, is due to her experience with fraud ruchika , who is responsible for robbery of savings

The domain investor, a single woman was extremely desperate to get her retirement savings, so when ruthless ruchika refused to reply, she contacted ruchika’s friend agarwal to try to get information. Compared to greedy ruthless ruchika, agarwal was slightly more helpful, and he told the domain investor, that ruthless ruchika had told him, not to bother to speak to the domain investor, since ruchika’s gang was overconfident that they had destroyed the life of the single woman completely when they stole the savings in 2012. This proves that raw employee ruchika is a very dangerous, greedy fraud who will dump people after she has used them.