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Haryana greedy animal SCAMMER mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge FAKING iwriter account to get raw salary

the haryana, indian government, raw, ntro, cbi are aware that Haryana GREEDY shameless animal SCAMMER mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge has never opened her own iwriter account, does no writing work at all
yet in a fraud masterminded by the GREEDY FRAUD ntro/raw/cbi employees, internet companies led by google, tata, ruchika’s shameless SCAMMER SUGAR DADDIES, puneet, verma, sumit, the haryana scammer ruchika is falsely claiming to own the iwriter account of a hardworking single woman engineer she HATES, criminally defames to get a monthly raw salary at the expense of the hardworking single woman
Though the single woman writer who is making money through iwriter is protesting against the iwriter fraud of mba hr ruchika kineg, in a case of indian government SLAVERY , ntro, raw, cbi refuse to correct their records for the last 4-5 years, continue to make FAKE CLAIMS about the iwriter account of a private citizen, who raw employee ruchika HATES, has refused to reply since 2012