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History proves that google, tata sponsored shameless GREEDY FRAUD haryana mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge openly involved in massive iwriter fraud

One of the more shocking aspects of google, tata, ntro,raw, cbi WRITING, iwriter fraud, is how they are falsely giving shameless greedy LIAR FRAUD haryana mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge credit and great powers for making fake claims about a iwriter account haryana’s greatest fraud mba ruchika kinge never opened and never wrote any article for
After her shameless fraud boyfriends, puneet, sumeet, verma stole the retirement savings of the real domain investor in 2012, haryana’s greatest GREEDIEST fraud mba ruchika kinge like bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee nayanshree, wife of tata power employee guruprasad refused to talk to the domain investor. yet showing that google, tata , india tech, internet companies are the greatest LIARS, FRAUDS in the world they are falsely claiming that haryana’s greatest fraud mba ruchika kinge , nayanshree, who have no online income, own the iwriter account of a hardworking single woman engineer who has no one to help or defend her
Iwriter account of domain investor, single woman engineer opened in 2013, haryana mba hr raw employee ruchika kinge refused to reply to domain investor in 2012, yet raw/ntro falsely gives scammer ruchika credit, great powers and monthly raw salary
Google, tata, LIAR indian tech , internet companies should explain that when their favorite FRAUD mba hr ruchika has refused to reply to the domain investor since August 2012, why is raw, haryana, indian government making fake claims about the iwriter account of the single woman engineer, domain investor, criminally defaming her in the worst manner.