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LIAR haryana officials vicious in character assasination to get greedy gurugram FRAUD raw employe ruchita kinge monthly government salary

LIAR shameless FRAUD tech, internet companies,their employees, haryana, mp government allegedly using fraud tamil plumber for character assasination,running government SLAVERY racket to get frauds from their state like haryana mba hr ruchita kinge no work no investment government jobs

Showing the viciousness and dishonesty of the LIAR shameless FRAUD Google, tata employees, haryana, madhya pradesh government they are allegedly using fraud tamil plumber for character assasination of a hardworking single woman domain investor so that they continue running government SLAVERY racket and get monthly government salary for various lazy greedy goan call girls, cheater housewives and other frauds faking domain ownership, computer work since 2010
If there is a plumbing, electrical problem, the domain investor has no choice but to call a plumber, electrician for repairs yet showing the extreme dishonesty of the fraud indian tech and internet companies, they are openly involved in slandering the single woman, making up fake stories about the fraud plumber, so that they can cheat, exploit, rob the single woman for the rest of her life
Indicating the harassment the domain investor faces, the tamil plumber is also being asked to stalk the domain investor whenever she is outside the house. The extreme viciousness and dishonesty of the high status respectable LIAR tata employees, government employees in character assasination has made it difficult to get the home repaired since these fraud tata employees would never slander married women, they are only targetting hardworking single women professionals to run government SLAVERY racket.