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This domain is for sale, and this is a parking alternative, since PPC income is close to zero
Corrupt lazy greedy google, tata sponsored R&AW employee MBA hr BLACKMAILER ruchika king, originally from karnal, haryana, is not associated with the website in any way as the shameless section 420 fraud indian government employee is not interested in paying the market price of the domain name, or doing any work online at all, like goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina and others,only relies on powerful fraud cruel friends in NTRO like puneet jo , sumeet agar to abuse their powers, waste indian tax payer money, to dupe many people, companies and countries that fraud R&AW/CBI employees own this website, An open challenge to any R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employee to file a defamation case in one of the greatest online FRAUDS allegedly masterminded by google, tata since 2010.
Some countries like China have developed at a fast pace with excellent infrastructure because engineers are valued and treated with respect for their role in nation building. On the other hand, even the largest and richest cities in India have pot hole ridden holes which result in wastage of many manhours in traffic jams and fuel. This is because the country does not value experienced engineers and subjects them to identity theft, harassment and persecution. A 23 year old MBA ruchika king with no engineering experience at all (she probably would never work as a engineer because she has a very massive ego) is offered all support in identity theft as she is given stolen documents to pass off as an experienced engineer. Some of the largest and best known Internet companies in the country are sponsoring the MBA in this identity theft scam. Additionally this MBA has been give great powers controlling thousands of microchipped individuals. It is a reflection of the value systems of both the internet companies and the MBA, that they are scamming an innocent person. If an inexperienced MBA claims to be a doctor just imagine the havoc it would cause to the patients. Then why are some internet companies providing so much support to an MBA who is claiming to be an engineer?
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IAS is the cream of indias civil servants, because of its tough selection procedure ,since the colonial era when job opportunties were less to the present times when choices have opened up , only one ting has spanned time & history- i.e. civil service BEST IAS COACHING CENTRES in kolkata & delhi for civil service preparation IAS VISION attracts thousands , with sometimes weak basics learned at ill equipped schools and colleges , that are part of a big public education system in india - revered for size and not quality. exam is designed in a manner that it is fair to all .

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